Ana Carr, is a 13 year old cheerleader. This will be her 5th year cheering. She is a level 4 tumbler, her most recent success is her roundoff tuck backhand-spring layout, ariel, or Standing tuck (Shes been working on her standing tuck for over a year now but never had time to go to tumbling because she is a cross over with the level 3 senior team and level 1 junior team). She is working on her punch-front step out round-off B.H.S. She is on the great falls Mt. team, called Storm. She started cheer when she was 9 years old. She got her backhand-spring later that same year. Ana is what she calls "a triple threat" she flys, bases, and backspots. She has her full from elevator, extension, lib, heel-stretch, scale, and scorpion. Ana's most recent success with stunting is her double fold down or her tick-tock. She has had many, many injures, she has had a lot of sprains, but she has only broken her finger. But has been on crutches twice. She found out she has something called Paterllar Tendinitis, witch majorly effects her. She also is recovering from a recent injury with her hips. Ask her about it on facebook or twitter. (information on home page)